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Successful lawyers are a different breed. Successful lawyers spend their time and think differently than everyone else and they recognize that they need other people to succeed--others who are doing things bigger, better and faster than they are. No lawyers get ahead in this world without a ton of help.

It isn’t self-help that we need— it’s help from others and there’s no reason that you have to practice law in isolation. The Mastermind Experience will give you the opportunity to be in a group of like-minded, achievement-oriented injury lawyers who dramatically leverage each other’s successes to do things that would otherwise be impossible.

Ever wish you could spend one full day with other top lawyers breaking through everything that’s keeping you from taking your injury practice to the next level?

Do you want a chance to have your problems heard, analyzed and solved by lawyers who have been there, and who have figured out solutions to the problems that every law firm faces, including yours?

Are you on a crusade to find the best ideas, techniques and practices for the marketing and management of your injury practice?

If you attend one mastermind in your entire professional career, this is the one to attend. The Mastermind Experience is one full-day of strategic action for lawyers that will get you out of your boring comfort zone and take you through to the next level.

Sometimes you need to be taken out of your comfort zone for a day to improve who you are and what you do. The Mastermind Experience will do that and more for you. Read on and find out why you need to be THERE!

We have a challenge for you: Come to the Mastermind Experience with the biggest marketing or management challenge you’re facing. The rules require that every member, in his/her turn, produce one issue on any point of marketing or management to be discussed by the members.

You’ll give a presentation in front of the group (the “Hot Seat”) regarding your biggest challenge and you’ll get a critique from legal experts and Mastermind members. Each member uses their knowledge, resources and connections to help you.

You will be pushed, stretched and made to do more than you thought and you’ll leave the Mastermind Experience with a specific plan to solve your biggest marketing or management challenge head-on.

You will be pushed, stretched and made to do more than you thought and you’ll leave the Mastermind Experience with a specific plan to solve your biggest marketing or management challenge head-on. You’ll hear a brand new keynote speech from John Fisher and hear how you can transform your lawyer website into a dynamic growth engine that will bring new cases to you every single day from across the country.

You’ll hear what John thinks about the future of internet marketing for lawyers, superior client service, where legal marketing is going, and what you need to do to be ready for tomorrow!

You’ll hear a never-heard-before speech from John Fisher, author of the Amazon best-seller, The Power of a System: How to Build the Injury Practice of Your Dreams. John will give you actionable advice that you can implement immediately to create policies and systems for the management of your injury practice—from hiring and firing, how to fast track your “A” cases to trial and the best systems for building a powerhouse lawyer website.

  • You will leave with an individualized plan that is specific to fixing your biggest marketing or management challenge,
  • You will rub shoulders with a powerful group of injury lawyers all simultaneously sharing and being taught,
  • Complimentary breakfast and lunch at one of the few platinum-level social clubs in the country.
  • Kick off your shoes and have some fun at a special dining experience at a post-Mastermind dinner party (our treat).
  • Finally, you’ll have the unique opportunity to join the Mastermind attendees from around the country in a private online social network, where you can trade referrals, find help with any kind of problem, or even just find a dinner partner in a different city.
  • There will be no sales pitches and there is nothing to buy - just our group’s commitment to fix your biggest marketing or management challenge.

For the first 10 to register for the Mastermind Experience, you will get three bonus gifts:

  • You will have a 20-minute Skype call with John prior to the Mastermind Experience,
  • You will have email access to John for 30 days following the Mastermind Experience, and
  • BONUS You will get the special Shock & Awe package that John uses to build his network of referral partners., including his best-selling book, The Power of a System: How to Build the Injury Law Practice of Your Dreams, and a life-time subscription to his monthly print newsletter for injury lawyers, Lawyer Alert.

Once the first ten register, that’s it—there will be no more bonus gifts. (John’s Shock & Awe package is loaded with his best practice building tools and alone is worth more than the registration price).

You will only be allowed in the door if you believe and do the following:

Don’t waste your time applying if you can’t answer a strong, emphatic “NO PROBLEM” to all our criteria for the Mastermind Experience.

The Mastermind Experience will be held between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The Mastermind Experience is a private event capped at 15 lawyers, so you’ll focus on working only with those who want to grow. You’ll have multiple opportunities during the day to meet everyone at the Mastermind Experience and focus on how you can help them, and how they can help you.

The Mastermind Experience is limited to only 15 highly motivated, proactive, and willing-to-work lawyers. Once we accept 15 applications, that’s it—you will not see a single person above 15 at this event.

You can apply to attend the Mastermind Experience at www. You will get confirmation that we received your application immediately and we will respond to your application within 3-5 business days.

The Mastermind Experience only costs $999. But if you don’t get exactly what you want from the Mastermind Experience, you will get a complete refund before you leave. No Questions Asked and No Explanation Necessary! We want you to have your money back if you’re not thrilled with the Mastermind Experience.

Email But don’t delay, this opportunity is golden and will sell out VERY quickly.

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